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Above all, our priority is your health. Our experienced team at Terri Holland Optometry aims to improve your ocular health by providing full-service eye care, including various specialty eye care.

Many eye diseases have no early symptoms, often progressing silently and unnoticed until significant, irreversible damage has occurred. At every age, eye exams are an essential part of protecting your ocular health and ensuring your eyes remain strong throughout your life.

We provide comprehensive eye exams and advanced disease diagnosis. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are vital to preventing disease progression that often leads to impaired vision or even blindness.

We test for many different eye diseases during every comprehensive eye exam, 4 of which are the leading causes of blindness in Canada:

Dry eyes can cause pain, discomfort, and, if left untreated, lead to long-term consequences, such as corneal scarringDry eye symptoms include:

  • Gritty, scratchy, burning eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Discomfort when wearing contact lenses
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Excessive tearing
  • Among others

Dry eyes are chronic, and there is no cure, but treatment therapies can greatly improve your ocular comfort and health. Although there are various causes of dry eyes, they occur when you lack tears or when your tears are of poor quality.

Treatment depends entirely on the root cause of your dry eyes. We provide thorough and accurate dry eye testing and personalized therapies to improve your comfort and give you relief from your symptoms.

Specialty Contact Lenses

  • Scleral Lenses

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive error that occurs when the cornea is too steep or the eye is too long. Both instances cause light to fall in front of the retina instead of directly on it. When this happens, distant images appear blurry, while nearby images remain clear.

Myopia affects nearly 30% of Canadians, usually beginning in childhood and progressing until early adulthood.

Myopia is often managed with glassescontacts, or corrective eye surgery. However, myopia progression can be slowed using various control methods while the eyes are still developing. These methods include:

  • Orthokeratology contact lenses
  • Soft bifocal contact lenses
  • Low-dosage atropine drops
  • Bifocal or multifocal eyeglasses

We provide comprehensive myopia control options for children of all ages. We would be happy to provide your child with a thorough examination and discuss the available myopia control options with you both.

Digital devices are growing more common, convenient, and necessary for work, home, school, and leisure. And between our smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs, Canadians are spending nearly 11 hours a day on a digital device.

This increase in device use has also led to an increase in digital eye strain. Digital eye strain can cause uncomfortable symptoms, like blurred vision, eye irritation, headaches, and fatigue.

Digital eye strain is not actually caused by the device itself, but by the prolonged act of focusing on one spot for extended periods. By adopting proper workplace ergonomics, taking frequent eye breaks, and developing healthy screen-time habits, you can remain comfortable while using your various digital devices.

Many digital eye strain symptoms are similar to those caused by eye diseases, so it’s important also to seek an eye care professional’s advice if you experience any eye discomfort while using digital devices. Terri Holland Optometry will be happy to provide you with solutions to your digital eye strain.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may have considered laser eye surgery. There are various kinds of laser eye surgery, but they are each designed to correct refractive errors like myopiahyperopia, and astigmatism using an excimer laser.

Laser eye surgery is effective and often successful, but it’s not always the right option for everyone. If you’re considering eye surgery to correct your refractive error, the first step is to undergo a comprehensive consultation.

This consultation involves a thorough eye exam and various assessments to determine if eye surgery is right for you and what kind of eye surgery will work best for you.

Terri Holland Optometry is a TLC affiliate practice and comanages all our patients’ laser eye surgeries. On top of laser eye surgery consultations, we also provide pre- and postoperative care, so you’re well cared for during the entire surgical process.

We are honoured to provide full-service eye care for patients of all ages. If you have an ocular condition or vision problem that requires special attention, please give us a call! Our experienced eye care team is excited to help you with all your vision needs.


You can find us in the Williamsburg Town Centre above the Lisboa Bakery and Grill.
The entrance upstairs is located behind the building.

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